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Mental Health Matters (MHM)

The Mental Health Matters (MHM) is a youth volunteer-led group, meaning all activities and projects are organized, planned and delivered by the participants of the group. We meet twice a month (bi-weekly) on Thursdays (4:30 pm - 6:00 pm) for group meetings to discuss various topics related to mental health and social justice as well as collaborate on community engagement projects, such as designing social media posts on relevant topics. 

Our Goals

  • Youth leadership and collaboration 

  • Increase awareness about well-being and self-care

  • Reduce mental health stigma

  • Enhance community engagement

  • Project management experience

  • Opportunities to gain transferable skills

Who Can Join?

YMHA is open to youth ages 13-24 years old 

When can I join? 

Recruitment for new members takes place twice a year: August and January. If you’re interested to become a member please contact Youth Worker, Munif Bhaiyat 

Upcoming Events


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“Feeling welcomed, safe and included is really important, especially in group settings. It’s imperative that everyone’s ideas or opinions are acknowledged and appreciated. It means that my presence is valued and I’m comfortable speaking to others.

A great example of feeling welcomed, safe and  included is the CICS YMHA (CICS Youth Mental Health Ambassadors). When I showed up to the first meeting, I was welcomed by other members and felt appreciated. It was really easy talking to fellow members and I didn’t feel left out. The YMHA encourages everyone to share their ideas because all of us have wonderful suggestions to make!” 

- Sachi Taploo

"YMHA has connected me to many other youth in my area, as we work together to build a world free of mental health stigma. Working on projects provides me with real-world experience and leadership skills. YMHA is helpful to everyone and it is contributing to a safer, healthier society."

- Melina

“YMHA has greatly encouraged my need to spread awareness and facilitate more topics surrounding mental health both in and out of the program. On the bonus side, I can confidently say that I am a slightly better designer, as I have picked up a few creative skills and tricks thanks to working with others to spread awareness by creating social media posts and other projects.”


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