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Engish Language

English Language &
Educational Support

Improve your English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Get support in a variety of academic subjects.

English Conversation Circle

If you are a newcomer youth looking for opportunity to practice your English speaking skills, then we have what you are looking for!

English for Newcomers

Day-time English classes for newcomers ages 13-24 who begin to learn English or are at ESL level A. Come practice listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills with us.

Saturday Kickstart English

Are you new to Canada and need a place to learn English? Join our Saturday Kickstart English Classes to practice speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills.

Homework Club -Tutoring

Looking for homework help? We will pair you up with a tutor for weekly tutoring! All newcomer students from grades 9-12 are welcome! Subjects include but are not limited to English, Math and Science.

Reading Club

We will help you to improve your pronunciation and reading skills in English as well as increase your vocabulary.

French Classes for Beginners

Are you a newcomer looking for ways to learn or improve your French? Learn the basics of French. Learn to speak to others in French. Gain appreciation of one of Canada's official languages.

Writing Workshops

Interested in improving your English writing skills? You can learn how to express your ideas in a series of writing workshops and develop your own writing style. For newcomer high school students at ESL Levels C, D, or E.

Leadership & Life Skills Training

Develop confidence and skills needed to become a leader.

Leadership Camp

Through a two-week camp, you can develop the necessary skills to become great leaders of tomorrow, including your communication skills. You can also explore your identity and unleash your potential to take charge of the future and lead change.

Leadership Training

Develop the required skills and knowledge to organize and promote events and projects. Initiate…Plan…Execute…Control…Close

Life Skills Training

Surrounded by questions? Need to make choices? Come join the IYC for Life Skills Training to learn skills such as decision-making, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and much more. Increase your confidence and learn how to become a strong leader in your life.

Youth Facilitator Training 

Introduction to Red Cross and the Red Crescent Movement. Learn how to facilitate workshops in Humanitarian Issues such as 'Children and War', 'International Humanitarian Law', and 'Active Global Citizenship'.

Leadership & Life Skill

Healthy Living and Physical Fitness

Develop an active lifestyle by learning how to make healthier life choices and exercising.

Basketball Programs

Learn new skills and develop good character traits while having fun playing basketball.

Soccer Programs

Learn about teamwork and leadership. Fine tune your soccer skills in a friendly and fun environment.

Baking Workshops

Do you have a sweet tooth? Learn to bake your own desserts. Learn how to read a recipe and bake.

Healthy Cooking

Learn how to read nutrition labels and make informed food choices. Develop healthy eating habits and learn how to cook healthy and nutritious food.

Emergency First Aid & CPR Training

First aid is the provision of initial care for an illness or injury. Learn skills that could save someone's life. Many volunteer and paid job positions require this kind of skills.

Physical Fitness

Get fit and have fun at the same time. Join our exciting high energy classes of cardio and strength training.

Heathy Living and Physical Fitness

Self-Expression & Creativity

Learn new skills to enhance your creativity and self-expression.

African Drumming

Learn about African culture and how to play different drums such as the djembe and many more. Increase your confidence and creativity by learning a variety of drumming techniques. You can develop leadership skills through drumming.


Through exploring Canadian art and culture, you can develop your creativity, drawing, painting, and photography skills.


Practice your English communication skills, increase your vocabulary and learn new skills. Learn how to make different types of cards, how to knit and crochet and how to make bracelets and earrings. You can also donate them to local charities.


Stay active and exercise through dancing! Learn dance moves in Hip Hop, Breakdance, Latin, Contemporary, Bollywood, and many more!


Become more vocal and expand your communication skills. Gain confidence in speaking and presenting and learn how to decrease nervousness and shyness. Develop valuable acting skills while having fun with other newcomer youth.


Learn how to use a DJ turntable and the essentials of DJing such as beat counting and mixing. You will also learn how to set up a live PA sound system.


Learn the steps of film-making from developing an idea to filming and final editing. Learn lighting and camera-angles techniques. Learn how to use Adobe software such as Premiere Pro and After Effects to edit and your films.

Game Design

You have played video games and enjoyed them. Now you can learn how to design your own through Game Maker.

Guitar Classes

Guitar lessons are designed to help you learn chords, scales, tuning, and much more.

Modern Batik Art

Create vibrant and unique works of art by painting onto fabric. Develop your techniques and become an instructor in the future. No experience necessary.


Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop to edit images, create special effects, and enhance traditional artwork.

Spoken Word

Spoken word is a form of poetry that uses alliterated prose and metered verse to express social issues. You can gain valuable communication skills and learn how to express your opinions.


Pre-Employment and Education Help

Learn tips to a successful job search. Receive support and advice regarding post-secondary pathways.

Career Series

Do you know which career you want to get into after high school? Explore different career options by talking to professionals in different fields. Find out what a regular work day is like, how to become who they are, and much more.

Job Search Workshops

Are you looking for a job? Do you want to customize your own cover letter and resume? Do you want to practice your interview skills? Find out the keys to a successful job search.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Learn how to write an effective resume and cover letter that will catch employers' attention.

University and College Preparation

Looking for your education options but do not know where to begin? Come to the IYC for informative workshops on how to prepare for university and college. Presentations given by representatives from various universities and colleges.


Social Engagement

Learn new skills to enhance your creativity and self-expression.

Games Tournaments

We have a variety of Game Tournaments throughout the year, whether be it video games, board games or table games. Example: Table-tennis, foosball, Counter Strike, Mario Kart, Dance Dance Revolution, Rock Band, and many more. We always welcome new ideas.

Girls' Night

Increase your sense of belonging by connecting with other girls and participating in fun activities such as nutrition, movies, fashion, games, and more. Come to a friendly space where you can share your happiness, frustrations and experiences with other girls.

Movie Nights

Come out for fun movie nights at the IYC and mingle with other youth. Vote for the movie you want to watch and we will show it. We will provide the popcorn too!

Youth Nights

Bring your friends to fun night where you can meet new people. Enjoy refreshments, games, and performances. We are always looking for volunteer performers as well as volunteer Event Planners to plan a Youth Night. Some of our past Youth Nights include: Thanksgiving, New Year, Halloween, Lunar New Year, etc.

Social Engagement


Learn new skills to enhance your creativity and self-expression.

One-on-One Supportive Counselling

Are you facing difficulties, needing advice or just needing someone to listen to you? Youth Settlement Workers are available to provide free, one-on-one support in-person or by phone. Confidentiality is assured. An appointment is necessary for counselling in your own language.

  • Emotion Management

  • Needs Assessment

  • Referrals to CICS programs and services

  • Referrals to other services

School Field Trips

Are you an ESL teacher looking for a place where your students can receive further settlement support? Contact the Immigrant Youth Centre to arrange a fieldtrip. Fieldtrips at the IYC usually consist of two workshops in the morning, lunch, and use of different activities at the centre such as foosball and air-hockey tables, Nintendo Wii, Dance Dance Revolution, Rock Band, Karaoke and board games.

March Break Programs and Summer Camps

We have a variety of programs available during March Break (e.g. Sports Tournament) and various camps throughout the summer (e.g. leadership, sports, English, and music camps).

One-Time Workshops

We have a wide range of one-time workshops that are delivered by request during fieldtrips, at schools, conferences or events. Workshops include: Stress Management, Conflict Resolution, Anti-bullying, Cultural Sensitivity & Diversity, Time Management, Goal Setting, Public Speaking, Leadership, and many more.

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