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IYC Summer Camp 2024 Registration
Opens May 13th at 12:00 PM


Updated on April 24th, 2023

Please register at the registration page

or use the URL

华咨处2024年 Summer Camp夏令营正式开放报名!

请用以下链接来报名 registration page


Register for our Summer Academy Camp (Free Camp) for Newcomer Youth here

or use the URL

报名专为8-12岁的新移民而设的免费新移民儿童夏令营Summer Academy Camp请点击以上链接



*Please read the following carefully before completing the registration form. *

Details of camps, 活动详情

More information can be found on camp flyers

Summer Camp 2024 flyer



This year, we will be hosting our two types of Summer Camps

that are full of fun from July 2- August 16, 2024.


Below are some details for our two different types of camps:

1. Camp Champ for children age 6 - 13

  • Price: $120/week (with exception for short weeks- $96 for 4 days)

  • Date and time: Every week from July 2nd to August 16th, 9 am - 4 pm,

                                  7 weeks in total

  • Extended hours: $30/week, 8:30 am - 5 pm

    *Children with any status and/or address in Canada can participate

2. FREE Summer Academy Camp for newcomer children age 8 - 12

    *Only open to Permanent Residents or Conventional Refugees. Newcomers with landing paper can also participate.

  • Date and time: Two weeks of July 2nd to July 5th & July 8th to July 12th, 9 am - 3 pm. 2 weeks in total.

  • Extended hours service is not provided for this camp.

1. Camp Champ: 6-13岁小童夏令营
    价格:$120/周(一周4 天的夏令营则为 $96
    时间:7月2日 至 8月16日,每天9:00 - 4:00,共7周

2. Summer Academy Camp:专为 8 - 12 岁的新移民儿童而设的免费夏令营
   *仅对永久居民或公约难民开放。 有移民纸的新移民儿童也可以参加。
    日期和时间:7月2日至 7月5日 和 7月8日至 7月12日,每天9:00 - 3:00,



Please fill out our form below to register for our Summer Camps Camps at the Immigrant Resource Centre located at 2330 Midland Ave, Scarborough, ON M1S 5G5

请填写以下所有的信息来完成夏令营活动注册。夏令营活动地址为 2330 Midland Ave, Scarborough, ON M1S 5G5,华咨处总部​


Instructions, 注意事项:

After filling out the form, we will contact you within 1-2 business days for any further details about payment and details about the program.

There are limited spots available, you may be put on waitlist. We will inform you about your application process. Please remember to check your junk email as well for our emails!



Please note that staff of the CICS Immigrant Youth Centre (IYC) is committed to respecting and maintaining the confidentiality of those who access our services. All information submitted onto this form will remain confidential.

Payment, 付款方式:

We only accept online payment. After verifying your registration information, our staff will send out a link for payment through email. Please make the payment within 24 hours upon receiving the link to secure your spot(s). Otherwise, your spot(s) will be released to other registrants on the waitlist.

Please note that we DO NOT accept cash/cheque.


我们目前只接受线上付款。工作人员在核实过您的报名信息后,将会通过邮箱给您发送线上付款链接,可以使用信用卡付款。请于收到链接的24小时内付款来锁定您的位置, 如未收到款项,我们将会把名额让给在等候名单上的儿童。


Contact us! 联系方式:

For more information, please contact us at 416-688-3625 (Cantonese, Mandarin and English); 647-209-1883 (Cantonese, Mandarin and English);  or email or Thank you!

如有查询,请致电416-688-3625(普通话、粤语、英文); 416-688-3593 (普通话、粤语、英文); 647-209-1883(普通话、粤语、英文) 或电邮 或者 或者  谢谢!

If any participant(s) listed on this form have special needs and require additional support, please contact
our Program Manager- Kevin Lee at  416-990-9502  or 
如果参加者有任何特別需要或额外的需求,请联络 Kevin Lee 416-990-9502(英文)或电邮 


Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 10 am to 6pm

我们的工作时间为周一至周五,10am - 6pm



Disclaimer, 声明:

Please provide complete profile of each camper. if there are any missing/incorrect information, you will be asked to do the form again, as we will not be able to proceed with your registration. You will receive a copy of your answers for your reference.



Withdraw/Refund Policy, 取消活动及退款政策:


Please check the link for detailed withdraw/refund policy


Souhaitez-vous obtenir des services en français?
Pour des informations ou des services en français, veuillez consultez le site Web d’IRCC au
Veullez nous le faire savoir si vous voulez recevoir le service en francais

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