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IYC Times - November 2023

Updated: Jan 31

Embracing November: A Month of Youthful Creativity and Joy at IYC

As the brisk winds of November sweep through, we find ourselves caught in a whirlwind of activities and celebrations at the CICS Immigrant Youth Centre (IYC). The trees shed their leaves, offering a reminder to appreciate their beauty before they embark on their annual descent. It's a time when we not only witness the changing seasons but also immerse ourselves in programs that inspire courage, strength, and confidence among our youth.

This November, IYC unfolded a vibrant tapestry of programs, each weaving a new chapter and inviting us to turn fresh pages filled with hope and aspirations. Among the highlights were initiatives like Wrapped with Love, Paint-tastic, Baking Academy, and Craftopia, each contributing to the holistic development of the young minds we nurture.


Wrapped with Love: Fostering Skills and Growth

At the forefront of our November endeavors is "Wrapped with Love." This program serves as a dynamic avenue for skill development, social interaction, and personal growth. It's not just about honing practical skills; it's a journey that challenges our youth to solve problems, build self-esteem, and unleash their creativity. From intricate details to precision, "Wrapped with Love" becomes a crucible for the development of fine motor skills, ensuring that every participant emerges stronger and more confident.


Baking Academy and Craftopia: Laughter and Friendship in Newmarket

Do you recall the promise of more laughter at our CICS Newmarket Centre made during the summer? Well, we've kept that promise with the introduction of Baking Academy and Craftopia. Baking Academy has become a hub of confidence-building and strength for our Newmarket youth. Every Monday, the air is filled with laughter as children eagerly participate in baking classes, not just learning the art of baking but forming bonds that bring joy and happiness.

For us adults, it offers a nostalgic glimpse into the carefree days of childhood.

Craftopia, another eagerly anticipated program, provides children with the space to express their creativity and imagination. From origami flower folding to friendship bracelet making, clay art, and handcrafted Christmas ornaments, the program not only nurtures artistic skills but also fosters lasting friendships. Craftopia is a testament to the positive social impact of crafting, acting as a platform for socialization and companionship.


Paint-tastic in Toronto: A Canvas of Creativity

Our Toronto location witnessed the vibrant strokes of creativity in November's Paint-tastic program. With a variety of creative activities and interactive games, children were immersed in a lively and enjoyable learning environment. Sessions like Pumpkin Cat Pop-up Drawing, Fall Landscape Drawing, and Halloween Skeleton Pumpkin Drawing allowed the children to express themselves artistically, capturing the essence of the season through various drawing techniques.

November at IYC has been a month of exploration, growth, and joy. As we bid farewell to the autumn leaves and the laughter echoing through our centers, we eagerly anticipate the chapters that December will unveil, promising more opportunities for creativity, connection, and celebration at the Immigrant Youth Centre.

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